My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

” As I start this new chapter of motherhood in my life. I look back at the beautiful 9 months of pregnancy I had, all thanks to YogaWella and specifically Luz Dary Schilt.
My association with Luz has been since July 2012, for a series of Hatha Yoga classes during my short stay in Suzhou, China. Having lived in other countries, I have had the opportunity to experience classes with other yoga instructors. I am pleased to say that she is by far the finest yoga teacher I have come across. Starting from my 20th week of pregnancy, Luz focused on the minutest detail from my posture to calming my mind with key breathing techniques, giving me the secret to an easy labor and delivery. She taught me several postures to widen the pelvis and feel healthy and good mentally and physically throughout my pregnancy. People are scared with the idea of delivering a baby but for me it was the most beautiful experience thanks to Luz.
Luz runs her yoga classes in very planned and proficient manner and she conducts her yoga Skype classes with dedication, compassion and understanding. She has the ability to translate the true sense of yoga not only into words and concepts that the conscious mind and body intellect can assimilate, but also transfers this wisdom to the subconscious mind.
Luz’s skills as a yoga teacher are paralleled by her desire to teach and improve her student’s way of life. Whether she is teaching a beginner or a seasoned student her level of energy, concern and dedication remains the same. It has always been a pleasure to attend her classes and I am looking forward to my postnatal sessions with her. I highly recommend YogaWella for restorative yoga and prenatal/postnatal yoga classes. “

Sathvika Shetty Chicago, USA
” Luz is a grounded and calm yoga instructor. Her teaching style reflects the experience of years of motherhood, 3 pregnancies and birth journeys.
Her deep understanding of the woman’s birth anatomy and prenatal changes allows her to customize and offer beautiful solutions for the mother’s specific needs!
Highly recommend Luz and Birthlight Yoga for mothers-to-be, as well as instructors. “

Megha MehtaBangalore, India

” What a gift it was to learn and practice yoga with Luz during my first pregnancy and subsequent postpartum period. As a first time mom facing the challenges physically and emotionally of managing a pregnancy with a breech little girl and physically traumatic C-Section birth, I am enormously grateful for the quiet encouragement and healing that my pre-and post-natal yoga classes offered. I was terrified of what a C-Section would mean for my early days of motherhood and what role it would play later, as I plan to have several more children. It was, in no small part, due to my time practicing yoga with Luz that I was able to take control over my body and situation, find emotional reserves I didn’t think I would be able to harness within myself, and find joy and pride in what my body was able to do.
Motherhood is a powerful enterprise and I’ll be forever thankful to Luz for guiding me on my journey finding emotional fortitude going into my surgery and regaining bodily strength during the period of healing after. I walked away from my yoga sessions with empowerment and new knowledge that I called on again after my second sweet daughter’s repeat C-Section birth. “

Kate McClureSuzhou, China

” When I studied with Luz, I felt some changes in the way I took care of my body, however, the most useful aspect of what she taught me was the breathing. I remember her explaining the breathing to us; “the breathing is like a dance. Every inhale and exhale has its own rhythm, we want to bring this rhythm together, with the focus on the exhale: smooth and long. Luz is an effective teacher. She is very professional,  knowledgeable and her personality is something I want to emanate.
Thanks Luz, for your positive energy and great example to everyone. Namaste. “

Dinah Annague-BeanHamilton, Ontario

” I was first introduced to Luz when I was pregnant in 2013. As a first time mother to be, I felt a little overwhelmed with the prospect of my changing body and how I would get through labour and delivery. I booked prenatal yoga lessons with Luz, and from the very first time I met her, I never looked back.
Luz has more knowledge and expertise than anyone I have met in her field, but most of all it is her caring and compassion that set her apart. Luz tailored the programme to suit my needs and moved at a pace I was comfortable with. I felt strong in my changing body, and mentally prepared to give birth. She helped my husband to learn some techniques to support me in labour too.
When the time finally came, I felt ready and prepared. The breathing and relaxation techniques helped me through those long hours, and kept me focused and energized as I got closer to meeting my beautiful baby. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough, particularly if you are a parent to be. Thank you, Luz, for everything! “

Niamh NorrisSuzhou, China

” Luz helped me get in touch with parts of myself that needed profound healing.
Through Yoga, I was able to start opening up to my wounds and seek the answers that I needed to move forward. Not to mention the physical relief from a chronic back pain.
Inspired by her, I decided to become a Yoga teacher myself and also help others see their true light.
Deep gratitude for you in my life, Luz. “

Patricia YiuMichigan, USA

” Through learning the basics of breathing with her yoga techniques, Luz has helped me so much with my asthma.
I was feeling like my asthma was getting the best of me in China, where I was frustrated with not being able to run outside as much as I would have liked, when I found Luz!
Always helpful, always supportive! I truly felt so much better after my sessions with her. If only I could have brought her back to the US with me. “

Maren ThompsonPeoria, USA
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